Hicel provided IT support since 2003 at the company I was previously employed with. When I set up my own company in 2011, I appointed Rudi and Hicel to provide IT support, knowing that he would provide an excellent service. IT to my business is invaluable and without the right IT and support the business would suffer. I am fortunate to have a very good working relationship with Rudi and Hicel.

Rudi is attentive, personable and knowledgeable, and for him no job is too big, no IT issue is too small. He is always on hand to assist with queries and technical problems, which is invaluable for the efficient running of my business. He has set up a fast, secure network for us with reliable offsite back-up, and assists us with regular software updates. My network is constantly being monitored by Hicel to ensure its smooth running and efficiency.

IT is a complex area and from my experience over the last 9 years I have no hesitation in recommending Rudi’s services to any company.