Complete peace of mind in the event of emergency

You need to know that, if an accident or emergency occurred, you could quickly and easily retrieve vital company data to keep the business running.

Our backup products and solutions are tailor made for individual businesses, and vary according to their needs. Whatever the quantity of data you are storing, we can help you protect it, and give you total peace of mind that:

All of your data is automatically being backed up successfully every day

  • Two copies of your data are stored securely off-site
  • You can demonstrate to auditors/insurers that your data is backed up and can be readily recovered
  • You have the ability to recover a single file in seconds, even if the network is down
  • You can recover all critical data in hours, not days

The products we offer work with every operating system, and can work as well with large, multi-site networks and servers as with a single PC or Mac.

Contact us on 0113 216 7072 or email info@hicel.co.uk to make sure your data is in safe hands.

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