Web filtering: helping you keep your network secure

The Internet is one of the most useful resources in the office. There aren’t many business environments that don’t rely on Internet use for day to day service delivery, but widespread Internet use in business also brings potential challenges.

  • Productivity losses - due to employees spending time on sites not related to their work
  • Security risks - from unsecure sites, as well as from legitimate sites that may have been compromised
  • Bandwidth losses - from people downloading large files or streaming media

Web filters screen incoming web pages to determine whether they should be displayed in full or in part to the user. Filters check web page origins and content based on rules you provide, and filters are generally used to reduce recreational Internet surfing among staff and to secure networks from external, web-based threats.

We work with three respected industry partners – GFI, Websense and SonicWALL - to provide our clients with a range of web filtering solutions to suit different budgets. Our team will advise you on the most suitable product for your needs.

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