Hicel perform an in-depth audit from our checklist, in order to catalogue all the critical client network, workstation, and server information, identify weaknesses and issues that must be addressed, prioritize the issues the checklist reveals, and assign cost estimates to needed upgrades and repairs.

We work through the government lead "Security Essentials" check list and if needed a penetration test is performed to the local network and externally. We are also helping Business with PCI compliance and protect themselves from expensive fines

Protecting your business from cyber attack

Cyber attacks on organisations in different industry sectors are widely and regularly reported in the media, and no business is immune.

We will run comprehensive system security audits to make sure your network is protecting your business and your workforce from the risk of cyber attack.

A member of our team will complete the audit on site, provide a detailed report detailing any issues on your system and outlining our recommendations. Our goal is to make sure everything is safe and secure, and our risk assessment covers reviewing your existing security policy and assessing:

Information security

Asset management

HR security

Physical and environmental security

Communications and operations management

Access control

Information systems acquisition, development and maintenance

Information security incident management

Business continuity management


We can also run network penetration tests, which test the strength of your network and its ability to cope with external attack. Speak to one of our support team members on 0113 216 7072 or email info@hicel.co.uk to organise a system audit.

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