We know that every customer is different, and will need different levels of support. That’s why we offer a range of support options to suit different businesses sizes, needs and budgets. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality support at a price that’s affordable, giving you consistency and security.

We are flexible in our approach. Some of our clients select a support package that combines elements of the packages listed below, and we are very happy to create a bespoke support service that suits your needs.

Our IT support packages include:

Our Pay-As-You-Go support UNITS gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have fast access to our team when you need it.

A popular package with smaller business, we sell support units that are based on time, so you only pay for support when you need it. With this package there are no upfront or hidden costs, you simply pay a cost effective rate that covers the time you use.

One unit buys 15 minutes of our support team’s time to resolve issues, problems, answer questions or provide general IT consultancy advice and guidance. We can sort out password or email queries, hardware and system issues, printer faults or restore backups – our team is here to help.

Pay As You Go support UNITS gives you:

A flexible and affordable service tailored to your needs.

IT support, with all the benefits of a support contract.

Fast response times – typically less than five minutes.

If you think this support package will work for you, don't hesitate to contact us on 0113 216 7072 or email info@hicel.co.uk

A popular package among mid-sized SMEs, this gives you unlimited access to our support team to resolve any issues relating to your IT system. You can also select different Service Level Agreement (SLA) options, choosing between a two, four or eight hour response time.

A fixed monthly fee helps you manage IT expenditure and cashflow, as well as giving you access to skilled IT professionals as when required, with exceptionally fast response times that are well above the industry average.

Every year, we will arrange a review where we meet, review the service, discuss your future plans for the business and any IT requirements those plans may require, and make you aware of the latest technologies which we think could benefit your business.

Our annual IT support contract gives you:

Round-the-clock support

Fast response times

The cashflow benefits of a fixed monthly fee

Annual service review

If this approach to IT support is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0113 216 7072 or email info@hicel.co.uk for more information.

Our fully managed service is popular with companies that want to concentrate on running their business and not worry about running their IT.  It is also popular with larger companies who have in-house IT teams.

For companies with no internal IT team, Hicel essentially becomes your IT department, taking full responsibility for resolve all IT issues, projects, migrations, housekeeping tasks and system checks, as well as providing IT consultancy to help you use technology run your business smarter and achieve IT costs savings.

For companies with an in-house IT department, we become an extension of that team, providing both technical and moral support, either on an ongoing basis or with one-off projects to help them deliver an efficient and cost effective service.

Some customers will ‘mix and match’ certain elements of our fully managed IT service with pay as you go support, to create a flexible support package that meets their business needs.

Our fully managed IT service gives you:

Flexible support options

Round the clock support

The cashflow benefits of a fixed monthly fee

Fast response times

24-hour remote system monitoring

Remote online backup

Monthly service reviews

If this support structure meets your needs, contact us on 0113 216 7072 or email info@hicel.co.uk to find out more.

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