Keeping your IT equipment operating at peak performance

The longer you use your IT system, the more burdened its memory becomes with temporary files, error reports, websites and programmes – even the occasional virus. Gradually your working space gets smaller and smaller, and PC or laptop performance and reliability diminishes. You’ll see this manifest itself in slower running speeds after a year or so of using a brand new equipment.

If your PCs are on go-slow, our health check is designed to get them back up to speed. We will perform an in-depth audit, cataloguing all critical network, workstation and server information, identifying weaknesses and performance issues to be addressed, prioritising those and giving you cost estimates for any upgrades and repairs that are needed.

The Hicel health check covers:

Completing a full site audit

Creating an inventory and health report for each workstation, network location and server

Presenting recommendations for moving forward

Prioritising upgrades and repairs.

Giving you costings and a full schedule of works.

We will also help you navigate the vast amount of antivirus software available and recommend the most effective product to give your business round the clock protection. You can read more about our IT security services here [IT security].

So if you’re having problems with the performance of your machines, need help to remove unwanted software, advice on new Windows installations or upgrades, security updates and/or a complete clean of the laptops and PCs on your network to make sure they’re in top condition, contact us on 0113 216 7072 or email info@hicel.co.uk to arrange a system health check.

Your computer gets slow for a variety of reasons:

Virus and Spyware – this is the biggest reason why computers slow down and most of the time you won’t even know you’re infected.

Hard drive space – lack of available disk space slows your PC.

Software Problems – programs may have been installed and then uninstalled leaving behind unnecessary files.

Data Corruption – data corruption within the computer system can give the impression the PC is slow.

Overheating – Computers overheat because they tend to suck in a lot of dust which coats various components reducing the efficiency of the cooling system

Corrupt File System – every computer has a file system and if it has issues your computer slows down.

Bad Hardware – it may be faulty or simply configured itself incorrectly but bad hardware can slow your computer.

These processes happen gradually over a period of time so you don’t always notice but with our Health Check Service, we breathe new life into your PC.

For more information please don't hesitate. Contact us now on 0113 216 7072 or email info@hicel.co.uk to find out how we can help.

We have procedures to check your computer security, also we can help your business with accreditation for the Government lead "security essentials certification"

Ensure that all the latest critical Windows updates are installed

Ensure security - Require a password to logon to Windows a good are at least 8 characters long with a mixture of up/low-er case as well as numbers and special characters.

Full spyware/malware/virus scan - Install the most trusted and recommended Antivirus software program.

Update Java, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat. Using outdated versions of these programs leaves your computer vulnerable.

Remove unnecessary applications – these programs are always used as potential gateway to harm your machine

Firewall testing and penetration testing

For more information please don't hesitate. Contact us now on 0113 216 7072 or email info@hicel.co.uk to find out how we can hel

The smooth running of your business IT is achieve by performing day-to-day house keeping, these can include following:

General Windows Tune up

Enhance the Start-up process of your machine

Perform all available Windows updates

Perform any suggested hardware upgrades

Create a temporary off-line backup of your system (if machine need rebuilding or upgrading, this is to take every necessary precaution to ensure the upgrade process runs smoothly).

Clear out all the unneeded Temporary files

Security software installed if none present (AV installed will be trials unless customers would like to install our recommended programs for a safe and secure PC)

Clean up the computer settings restoring default if any changes have been made

Perform a Defragment of hard drive

For more information please don't hesitate. Contact us now on 0113 216 7072 or email info@hicel.co.uk to find out how we can help.

We are experienced in performing Server health's checks to ensure reliability and high performance when  running applications and accessing the local network, some of these tasks are listed below;

Review Hard Disk space levels \ Free Space

Review Performance Counters for

Memory Use (% Committed Bytes in Use)

Disk Time (% Disk Time / Read / Write access)

Processor Use (% Processor Time)

Analyse disks for defragmentation requirements and organise defragmentation as required.

Review Backups, check that backups are all running successfully

Review Event logs for Critical and Warning events and investigate as necessary.

Check Microsoft update site to ensure latest service packs, hot fixes, patches and security updates are in place.

Check Anti Virus applications are updating and operating successfully.

Check the successful operation of the Exchange Mail Server, Check user mail box sizes against any limits set, Check and maintain Anti-spam applications

Perform a review and recommendation

Server health check process may differ, from site to site, usually a site visit may be required

For more information please don't hesitate. Contact us now on 0113 216 7072 or email info@hicel.co.uk to find out how we can help.

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